Fraud Detection Software Built to Prevent Revenue Loss

Want to prioritize revenue growth and worry less about fraud? EZ2 Payment is here to help. Our fraud prevention solution stops threats in real time and improves business operations so you can focus on increasing revenue.

What Does Fraud Prevention Entail?

The proactive strategies, processes, and technologies deployed by organizations to detect, prevent, and minimize fraudulent activities and financial losses. approach involves identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats. You must also implement security measures, and continuously monitor and analyze transactions and behaviors.

Authentication and verification procedures.

Employee and customer education

Compliance with regulatory standards

Use of sophisticated fraud detection systems

This is the only way to intercept fraudulent activity before it can impact you or your customers. The goal is to create a secure environment that stops the unauthorized use of resources, theft of sensitive information, and other deceptive practices that could harm your organization's financial health and reputation.

Effective Fraud Prevention

EZ2 Payment offers multi-faceted fraud prevention monitoring and assistance through our proprietary dashboard management system.

Automated and proactive, our fraud prevention tools identify potential issues with chargeback management and response mechanisms, flagging previous chargeback cards/disputes, and detailing any card rejection messaging.

Negative Chargeback Database

Allows you to be notified in cases where a cardholder who disputed you (or another merchant of ours) runs a successful authorization, which can be voided, therefore inoculating against any chargeback risk.

BIN Data

Provides insight on the issuing bank, including card type, issuer, and card brand.

AVS And CVV Information

Validate billing-related data specific to the cardholder to further prevent fraudulent sales.

3D Secure

Provides another layer of authentication to add additional verification, which lowers the possibility of a chargeback or fraud.

IP Monitoring

Can shed light on the user’s location and if it is in a high-risk area, if a VPN or proxy is used which may be an indication of fraud, or other information that can help with preventing fraudulent activity.

Insightful Fraud Data

Will provide information on different fraud trends. Our fraud analysis tool highlights dispute data, BIN-level authorization information, decline statistics, and more.

Know These Six Red Flags

The first step towards preventing fraud is knowing what to look for. Even as criminals’ tactics evolve, there are a few key indicators that remain telltale signs of fraud. Red flags to watch for include:


New Email Addresses

Did a customer create a new or temporary email address to make a purchase? This may be a sign that the buyer is planning to commit fraud and then disappear.


High-Ticket Value

Fraudsters want to get the most value out of their efforts. To do this, they often buy high-value goods that they can easily flip and turn into liquid cash.


Transaction Velocity

When fraudsters gain access to valid account information, they often submit multiple transactions in quick succession to maximize profits before being discovered.


Expedited Shipping

Fraudsters tend to pick the fastest shipping option. They want the goods to arrive before they’re intercepted. They don’t mind paying extra. After all, it’s not their money.


Buying in Bulk

Again, fraudsters look for opportunities to maximize their efforts. They might pick a model of TV or other item and order as many as possible before maxing out the account.


Address Mismatch

The shipping address used by a fraudster will not match the billing address kept on file with the bank or that you have listed in previous transaction records.

Locate fraud orders and automatically verify or refund

Our AI powered solution automatically locates fraudulent orders with precision accuracy. Then, our advanced system can either send automated verification emails to the customer, or cancel and refund the order.

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